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Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, is one of the toughest sports around and becoming more popular each day.  One explanation for its popularity surely lies in the fact that MMA combatants are at their peak fitness level and must have all-around strength, agility, and skill in order to be competitive. So, how exactly does one prepare to be a top-performing MMA athlete?

The dedicated MMA athlete needs to focus on developing his physical prowess as well as his mental functioning. As with any sport, the successful MMA fighter must have sound fundamentals; he must train for anything he might encounter in the ring, so he needs to master stand-up techniques and grappling techniques. It is imperative that you learn the proper way to kick, the proper way to punch, the right way to takedown an opponent, and how to throw, clinch and submit your opponents. Once you get a grip on the proper techniques and receive the right fight training, it is time to work on building your strength, power, balance, and agility.

Of course, MMA fighters have to know how to fight, but they also need to be quick and quick-witted; they need to be strong with lots of endurance; they need to be flexible and agile; they need to have a boxer's fancy footwork. In short, they need it all.

To become the master MMA fighter you were destined to be, work on your overall fitness and strength level first. If you are not in top physical shape, you will get tired in the ring, and no matter how intense your technique, if you lack the endurance and strength necessary to maintain domination, your performance will suffer. Overall strength and health are like the foundation under a house; without a foundation to hold the walls and roof up, the house will crack and fall. Without sound strength, power, and endurance, the MMA fighter will tire, weaken, and lose.